I gave a talk today about blogging to the West Cork Soho Solo Networking Meeting in Clonakilty. I previous gave the same one to the East Cork group. It was very well received and I hope we see a few new blogs coming from them. If you are not aware of Soho Solo, it is a very worthwhile project. As their site says:

The aims of the project are to identify Small Office Home Office Workers(Soho Solos) in the South West of Ireland, to encourage others to relocate or return to the region, to promote Small Office Home Office Working and to offer support to these “new” entrepreneurs.

If you fit that description, I would highly recommend you contact them as they offer great support for what can be a very solitary endeavour.

Three of the attendees today already had blogs. I didn’t get the details of the third but you should definitely have a look at:

Conor O'Neill

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Bandon, Cork, Ireland