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<div class="summary">These new hoodies with customised art-work are a brilliant progression from their super t-shirts. Sister loved her birthday present.</div> 
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We’re Hairy Baby fanatics in this house. I treasure my “Are you the farmer” t-shirt (only Withnail fans get it!) and my “People’s Front of Judea” one. Not only are they funny, the quality of the tees is excellent.

Catherine spotted that they now do hoodies where you can customise some of the text on them. We couldn’t resist this for my sister’s birthday: 

CSI Bandon Hoodie

It goes perfectly with her Hairy Baby “Community games Skipping Champion” t-shirt!

As I said, we love these guys.  

Rated 5/5 on Jul 27 2007 by Conor O'Neill
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