I've finally found a running audio setup that works

I’ve been running slowly since 2009. This year has seen two and a half marathons so far, with the Clon Half probably ending the year nicely. But since the very first run I’ve struggled with audio. I t

So long WordPress. Hello Hexo.

I’ve been blogging longer than the average bear, with my first post wayyyy back in 2001 on Blogger. I moved to WordPress in 2005 and did a huge amount of stuff with it both personally and professional

Two lovely hot sauces from Mexico

It’s been a while, I know. I spent most of 2013 focused on my tech blog over here. But I thought I’d kick off 2014 with a foodie post. I use a lot of hot sauce but tend to be very boring in the ones I

Doing something about bullying - Tuairisc

Brian Greene contacted me last week about a new project he has just launched called Tuairisc.me. Like many good ideas, it’s brilliantly simple. It’s an anti-bullying form for school web-sites that can

Three full years a-running and my first Marathon

I thought I’d have a quick peek at my running stats this morning. Last year was pretty good and I’ve managed to start 2013 a whole 6 lbs lighter than I started 2012. Having said that, lots and lots of

New Alerting System from Cork County Council

It’s great to see Cork CoCo finally putting an Alerts system in place. It’s very easy to use. You simply go to the relevant Map Alerts site and register there with your mobile/email/etc. You can also