Craic Pack Invades Dundrum

Just got a mail from old college buddy Niamh Shaw. She has taken the oft-travelled path of Degree in Engineering, PhD in Engineering, Gaiety School of Acting, Fair City, comedy troupe and is now part of the Craic Pack in Dublin.

They’ve been doing comedy improv every Wed & Friday in The Bankers Bar, Trinity St in Dublin for a long time and they’ve just announced that on Saturday, July 28th, they’re going to do an ever bigger and funnier show in the Mill Theatre, in Dundrum Shopping Centre. Watch as the Drummy Mummies scatter in fear :-)

If she is even 10% as funny as she was all those years ago in Earlsfort Terrace then you’ll be expelling snot at high velocity during this gig. You can find out lots more at

On a vaguely related topic, we’re now up to 16,598 views of the Steorn Video on YouTube. Head on over and try to get us to 20,000!

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland