Tweets on 2007-03-26

  • Brutal nights sleep with the sore elbow. Allegedly slept with arm in air for part of the night! Quiet night on twittersphere. #
  • Great way to do Twitter Technorati claim via Mr Messina Pity T’rati bombed out 4 times before working. #
  • Health Board does it again. After “Sibín O’Neill”, then having TWO children called “Sibéal” they now name Catherine “Mrs Grainne Sheehy” #
  • @fergusb - WIll there be a red carpet in Cannes? Madoona? I’d be very surprised if you didn’t find a Shoarama down a side-street :-) #
  • When did Calacanis start using MP4s for his podcasts? 185MB transfer to Nokia N70 via USB fails regularly and doesn’t play anyway. MP3 pleas #
  • Argh. Spent most of day trying to get to bottom of email issue on loudervoice to discover 5 mins ago that it is a DNS problem. #
  • Slaps hand. Non-creatives should not “have a quick look” at an icon problem for four hours. As you can see, a very productive day for me. #
  • @tommorris - Started programming aged 14 in 1982 on a ZX Spectrum. Pretty much stopped in college (Electronics). Always done a bit since. #
  • @tommorris - even when I shouldn’t be programming. Never do anything big any more but like to do the odd script for efficiency. #

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Conor O'Neill

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Bandon, Cork, Ireland