Tweets on 2007-03-25

  • Just watched the departed. Superb. Which Hong Kong movie was it based on? Infernal Affairs? #
  • @tomraftery - Hope babba is recovering well. Kids and hospitals always scary. Shout if you need anything. #
  • Hmm, none of my kids like “Happy Feet”. First half an hour comes across as subtle as a sledgehammer. I also rate “tap” down near “mime”. #
  • Fair weather gardener. Set foot out there for the first time this year. Weeded the raised bed and replaced rotten wood on shed. Need a nap #
  • Oh never got that nobile twitter app working on N70. Complains about incorrect credentials. Pity. Looks good. #
  • I ruined a lovely chicken in white wine, olive and caper sauce by burning the f**ker cos I was pulling weeds. Speedy tomato n garlic instead #
  • Drive Manchester to Nordschleife and then last 7 seconds on Nurburgring before crashing. Clip of the month! #
  • Oh dear, first episode of new series of Jonathan Ross rubbish. Harry Potter, Thandie Neton and some boxer. Yawn. FFed through it all. #
  • Elbow paralysed after weeding. So much for Udo’s oil cure. Voltarol and Sauvignon Blanc seems to be helping. Another great “House”. Bed #

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