At what point in the 1980’s/1990’s did back bacon take over from streaky bacon? I assume it was all the low-fat food nazis who caused it to happen. Go to Tesco Wilton now and in an entire row of bacon, you may see one crappy pack of “pale streaky rashers” on special offer. Oh and pancetta of course, which is tooooooootally different.

I always look forward to bacon in US hotels when I travel because they still understand the art of the streaky rasher. Ultra thin and cooked till crisp. At the other extreme here we have these monster thick slices of bland minimal-fat back rashers which do nothing for me and are like chewing through a piece of rope.

Catherine grabbed a few packs of streaky in Martin Carey’s on Saturday. Only €2.50 for a big pack. I put em in a large pan with oil on Sunday morning and cooked them slow for over half an hour. What we were left with was fabulous crunchy bacon that made the ultimate BLT. Throughout the day, as we passed the cooker, each of us would grab a rasher or two. Perfect snack food.

Anyone with me to start a campaign to “Bring Streaky Back!”?