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#### Great acting, great story, Scorcese is back, even it it is a remake
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Rated as 4/5 on Mar 25 2007 by Conor O'Neill
After the dire Streets of New York, I didn't have high hopes for The Departed but I loved every minute of this movie from start to finish. This despite the fact that both Damon and DiCaprio usually annoy the hell out of me. However they both delivered the goods, as did Mark Wahlberg who was fantastic, Martin Sheen who was good and Alec Baldwin who I'm always happy to watch whispering. Add to this Jack Nicholson in his best part in years and you have one hell of a cast. Basic story is that you have two cops trying to bust open the Irish mafia in Boston. One is on the task force but is actually a mafia mole, the other is undercover and gets into Nicholson's gang. The tension throughout comes from the "will they get found out" on both sides. Towards the end it gets very gory but this does add to the story and there are a few real surprises. If you're looking for a good solid thriller/drama with a bit of blood, this'll do the trick
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