Indian Restaurants in Bandon


Food style/ethnicity: Indian

Price: 10 - 20

   **Location**:        <p>North Main Street

Bandon, Co Cork


Food rating: 3 out of 5
Decor rating: 2 out of 5
Service rating: 5 out of 5

I find it interesting that many people are still more comfortable sending me e-mails to ask questions rather than writing comments on the blog. I include all of my family except big sis in that group.

Do feel free to post any comments you like, you don’t have to give your full name (most don’t) and only I’ll see the email address. Blogs should be conversations rather than monologues.

In any case, I got a question from Clare asking about Indian restaurants in Bandon and I thought I’d post the gist of my reply here.

I haven’t done sit-down in either of the Indians in Bandon but I’ve had plenty of takeaways from Anarkali (023-29762). They are a bit hit and miss but the good dishes are really good.

The chilli garlic dishes are lovely, saffron chicken very nice, bhunas are good, dopiazas are good but their chicken tikka masala is awful for some reason. They seem to do creamy dishes badly.

All of their starters are really good. The restaurant itself is quite basic (and has a lot of take-away customers coming and going) but they are extremely friendly people. It’s a husband and wife team, one Indian, the other Pakistani. I also think they do BYOB.

I haven’t eaten anything from the one that was The Chapel Steps but it has already changed hands after only a few months in operation. My wife heard that it was not good when it was called Moghul. I’m not encouraged by the new owners describing it as “exotic cuisine”. I think currys stopped being exotic in the 70’s :-)

We’ve eaten in one of the Indians in Clon too. Not sure if it was Cobra or the other one (it’s on the same side as the bike shop) and it was in the category of not too bad. Tiniest kitchen ever!

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