I love it when a lashed-together meal just works

Pork chops in the fridge and no plan. What to do that we’ll all eat? Check the press - a Lloyd Grossman Puttanesca sauce looks out at me. Hell, I’ll make my own.

  • Chops into a ziplock with garlic, thyme, lemon juice and olive oil* Saucepan on with oil, garlic and 2 anchovies* Two cans of Aldi’s finest generic no-specific-country plum tomatoes* Cook it down* Add some chopped olives from the Gubbeen gastrowagon at the Skibbereen market* Add some chopped capers.* Salt, pepper, hint of sugar.* Boiling water on with a packet of Orecchiette Paesani (little ears), also from Aldi. Bloody hell, I have never seen this pasta in any shop or deli in Ireland. This is the stuff the old dears were making in that Jamie Oliver series in Italy with their thumbs. And now Aldi sells it. I’m pleasantly stunned.* Chops onto the frying pan.* Sizzle sizzle.* Serve* Eat

Conor O'Neill

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