Tis the season for Milk Tray and cadbury's chocolate fingers

A big Merry Christmas to all my readers, most of whom are currently co-located with me in the sitting room in Kilkenny. We’re having a grand old time in Kilk. All of us are down now except for Emer’s gang who will arrive tomorrow morning. We’ve just assembled the various christmas presents and all of the kids are happily asleep having dreams of Mario Kart DS, Barbie Scooters, Leapad Walkers and Power Rangers. We’re nothing if not an international purchasing family.

For friends who are wondering about the meet-up on the 29th, drop me a line at cwjoneill   at    gmail   dot   com for details. Looks like it will be a decent turn-out and we’re already looking forward to the Quigley’s stories of alligator wrestling and dingo fiddling from down under.

Tomorrow should be a blast. The boys will probably turn their noses up at all of the lovely food that Rose cooks for them. Sibéal will probably try to eat the entire turkey single-handed. As long as I get to see Willy Wonka, I’ll be happy.

Shockingly, it looks like I won’t be taking the pledge since I am now drinking a lovely glass of Merlot as I write. But moderation shall be the order of the day (a bottle at dinner followed by a bottle for the movies).

Everyone writes their highlights of the year. We have plenty but none comes anywhere close to the arrival of Fionn, the bestest and fattest baby in the whole wide world. He is a star.

Ok,one thing might come close - Oisín took part in the gaelscoil’s playschool christmas show last week. All of the little 4-year old angels were singing “Realty realty suas sa spéir”, Oisín on the other hand was shouting “hey pooh pooh head, I’m gonna hit myself”, punched himself in the head and threw himself onto the stage. I can’t believe I missed this, Catherine had to be embarrased and stifle laughs simultaneously all on her own. One of the neighbours has it on camcorder, I have to get my hands on it. I do believe we have the next Larry Olivier on our hands.

Hopefully I’ll catch up on all of the intended blogging over the next few days.

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