Smile and wave boys, smile and wave

Surprise hit movie of the Christmas period with our gang was Madagascar. They have to give those penguins their own movie.

Oh and Happy New Year too. We’ve gotten to the stage where we don’t really notice a new year rolling in. We were all in bed before 12, shivering under our covers because we ran out of home heating oil. Coal, we love you.

Normal blogging will resume shortly.

In the meantime, our New Year “Spot The Difference” competition is a real tough nut. Have a look at the two pictures below and see if you can figure out the subtle changes.



Answers on a postcard please to Mr “Ahahahahaah, no more leaves” O’Neill, c/o House of  the  Silent Poplars,  Rootless Street,  The Future is So Bright I gotta wear Shadesville, Land of  the Singing Chainsaws.

I generally don’t make New Years Resolutions but this years is fairly simple - this blog will actually have posts on it about Bandon itself over the coming months. There are a ton of interesting things happening here and the place has changed hugely since we arrived 2.5 short years ago. It’s about time the place was given a bit of good PR.

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