First posting from Performancing for Firefox

I installed the Performancing extension for Firefox yesterday. It is a blogging add-on and I’m writing this post in it. Looks pretty good except I don’t see any handling of Wordpress categories. If this feature does not exist or is not coming soon, I won’t continue to use it. From a basic UI perspective it seems fine tho. And it’ll handle multiple blogs. More as I investigate. Aha, found the categories tab, excellent.

As I was sick from Sunday to pretty much yesterday, blogging has been close to zero. Upcoming topics which may interest you include:

[1] Conor’s review of Ummera Smoked Eel (really good, try it) [2] Mr Krabbs goes to Bandon (the story of a spider crab not a venereal disease) [3] Skibbereen Winter Wonderland (who cares if a 37 year old wasn’t that impressed, the kids loved it) [4] Foodie Podcasts (the good, the bad, the deeply clueless) [5] Logitech Quickcam Fusion Review (not just for for internet pRoN) [6] I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok (bye bye goddammed poplars) [7] My horrendous drinking problem (Oh god, I don’t think I like booze any more) [8] 2005 in review (or how many follicles died this year)

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