Unique O'Neill

We specialise in giving our kids names that either can’t be pronounced outside of Ireland (Oisín), can’t be pronounced inside of Ireland (Sibéal - or Sibín as the Health Board thinks she is called) or make people go “ah, named after X?” (Oscar - actually named after the Sesame Street character). Child number 4 is in serious trouble.

This post has some interesting ones worth considering. Follow the link to Google. I see that Agamemnon was a runner for that blogger at one stage. Along those lines I’ve always had a soft spot for Xerxes. Two years of Classical Studies for the Inter Cert are to blame I think.

Speaking of which - what is it with take-away restaurants starting off with great names and losing their bottle and going with utter rubbish? “Memories of China” in Bandon now called “Honk Kong” for pity’s sake. And my favourite of all time, “Xerxes Ginwalla” in Kimmage, is now called something so forgettable, I can’t remember it.

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