Infacterly Butterly

This guy is more and more impressive by the day. Not only is this just an awesome idea for a wet miserable June Bank Holiday Sunday but it also makes me think back maybe 30 years ago to when my grandaunts down in "The Boola" in Adamstown in Wexford used to make butter. I still remember the ridged wooden paddles they used to form the butter and how gorgeous everything they fed us was (those eggs, mmmmmm). It's interesting that the life they led - tenant farmers, rearing their own pigs/cows/chickens, eating their own milk products, eggs, vegetables etc is now an aspirational lifestyle for so many people. Obviously these downshifters wouldn't be too happy about using the outdoor chemical toilet we found so gross! It's a pity I can't ask my old relations if they'd prefer that life or "modern life" as the only one alive is sadly now confined to a nursing home due to Alzheimers. However she is over 90 years old which is a nice confirmation of what the author below tells us about the nonsense spewed in the media about cholesterol and saturated fats. [Cooking For Engineers - Kitchen Notes: Making Butter](

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