Dungarvan Follow-up

I was home sick all day today - vicious flu. Slept most of the day so now it's midnight and I'm wide awake. But my day was brightened by a letter we got in the post from the secretary of a small Kilkenny GAA club. When we had stayed in Clonea Strand Hotel, there had been a lot of shouting and banging in the middle of the night for about 20 minutes. Woke us up but we weren't that bothered. This letter offered profuse apologies for any distress that had been caused. It had been the first time ever the club had stayed overnight anywhere and their good spirits got the better of them. I laughed my ass off. The poor gob-shites have probably got themselves in more trouble by getting all of the guests names and addresses and infringing on their privacy. Imagine if you'd been on a dirty weekend away. Oops. Reminded me of the weekend Catherine did the Dublin City marathon. We stayed in the City West Hotel and in a hilarious contrast of bookings, people were either competing in the Marathon or competing in the Darts Tourament in the Hotel. What a difference in body weights! The female darts supporters were either indistiguishable from the men or looked like street walkers. The muppets who run the hotel put runners and darts players on the same floors of the hotel. We went to bed at 9pm only to be regularly woken by fat cretins shouting "let's play darts". We had breakfast at 6am and I took great pleasure in shouting "let's play darts, wankers" on the way back to the room.

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