Favourite Software Tools

Not flu - vicious throat infection and tonsil infection. Still in bits. Still agony to swallow saliva. So up late again. I got a new twin-CPU machine in work on Wednesday. I decided to write a list of all of the tools I definitely needed to install on it in addition to the corporate installs. I assumed it it would be 10 or 15\. Bloody hell, more like 40\. Some are obvious, others are quite nichey. Here's what I can remember off the top of my head (most are free apart from the obvious ones) * Firefox (+ Adblock, Sitebar, ReloadEvery, Flashgot, User Agent Switcher, ieview, Image Zoom, Linky, Jump Link, BugMeNot, Mozilla Archive Format, Slashfix, Disable Targets for Downloads, Tabbrowser Preferences, BetterSearch, Bloglines Toolkit and Livelines. Whew!) * Thunderbird (+ Enigmail) * OpenOffice 2.0 Beta * Cygwin - pseudo Unix env on your PC. Free XWindows is top notch. * Dexpot - Good virtual screens tool * FreeMind - Great Mind Mapping tool * eWallet - Secure Password storage for PC and Palm * Filezilla - Good FTP Client * Inkscape - Good SVG Editor * Irfanview - Fantastic Graphics viewer * Maxthon - For sites that only support IE (Bloody Ulster Bank - care to join the 21st Century? Netscape 4.7 for the love of god) * NVU - HTML Editor * Open Workbench - Nifty MS Project replacement * Password Safe - Good simple Password manager * PSPad - Fantastic Text Editor with syntax highlighting support for lots of languages * RapidSVN - Reasonable GUI for Subversion Version Control System * TortoiseSVN - Better Subversion GUI * TrueCrypt - Free Disk Encryption * UltraVNC - the best of the VNC's * Gaim - the best multi-protocol IM client * GIMP 2 - Great graphics editor * GPGTray - neat GPG tool for the System Tray * PDFCreator - Fantastic free PDF Maker * Process Explorer - For killing those processes that Windows can't * ZipGenius - The best of the free WinZip Clones * Google Desktop Search - Words fail me...... * SyncBack - Handy Sync/Backup tool * Putty - Great SSH Client * J2EE 1.4 - Everything you need for basic Enterprise Java Dev * .Net 1.1 - To use any of the .Net Dev Tools * NetBeans 4.1 Beta - Great Java IDE. Supports J2EE 1.4 * Eclipse 3.0 - Another Great Java IDE (and Perl too if you are feeling weird) * Perl IDE - Nice free dev IDE and Debugger for Perl * Activestate Perl - For those scripting jobs * Activestate Python - FOr those scripting jobs where others have to read your code * Inno Setup - Fab Setup tool like Installshield * Jude Community - Lovely UML tool all the way from Japan * Visual Studio .Net 2003 - A mother of a piece of software * SharpDevelop - If you can't afford Visual Studio .Net 2003 * MySQL - For some of my web tools * SQL Server 2000 - Only ?40 or so for the developers edition * Oracle 9i - Free for development purposes * Apache 2 - For all my web tools * Tomcat 5.5 - For all my initial Servlet and JSP development * VMWare - One of the greatest software tools ever developed. Pity it is so pricey - you need this software. * Crystal Reports - The best of the mid-range reporting tools * Crystal Enterprise - Web Portal version of Crystal Reports To come - non-work tools on my home PC and my fave Linux tools (specifically on Fedora)

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