Bloglines vs FeedonFeeds

So I've been using an RSS Aggregator called [FeedonFeeds]( for a long time now. The reason I've always liked it is that it is server based and caches the data in a MySQL DB. I have it installed on the Fedora box at home and can connect to it via the DSL connection from anywhere. So I have one centralised location for all my feeds. The caching is also handy as I found a lot of the older aggregators would only cache the titles and not any of the content, and for sites that turnover their RSS links quickly, a lot of the items used to be gone by the time I'd try to read them. But it ain't very pretty and as I've added a lot of feeds recently, the lack of grouping is killing me. I searched around a bit and found [Bloglines]( Did a quick export-import of the OPML file and was up and running in no time. After a few days use, I'm nearly a convert. Groupings work brilliantly and I have now discovered the joy of a ClipBlog (always wondered what the hell Scoble was talking about). Mine is [here]( I think it also lists all of my feeds. Obviously it doesn't include links to Iguana Fetish Monthly but everything else should be there. Gosh this WorldWideInterWeb thingy is jolly useful isn't it? Now what I would like is a free RSS Aggregator that uses the Web-Services provided by Bloglines so I have a nice client side tool accessing the server-side data. I know [FeedDemon ]( does it but that costs. Anyone?

Conor O'Neill

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