Irish Yokels Go London

Posted by Conor O'Neill on Sunday, August 19, 2007

In the next few months we’re coming up on the 10th wedding anniversary.

People gave us a week when we first started going out. Our eyes met across a power turbine in the Engineering building in Belfield. I fell for her shaggy perm, she fell for my wooly jumper and combats.

We’ve talked lots about what to do for our few days away (enabled by my fab parents). Paris maybe where last time we couldn’t fine Sacre Cour in the dark. Or Rome, which we chickened out of going to after my namesake’s wedding. We settled on London. She spent a summer working in the Cavendish, I’ve been there maybe four times in my life. Odd for someone who knows tons of Germany and lived in Sunnyvale for nearly six months, I have no clue of London. On a recent trip I spent the entire day saying “ooh I recognise that….off the telly”.

We have several aims:

  • To do many of the standard sights like London Eye, Imperial War, Tate Modern, Natural History, Victoria & Albert, Science Museum. We are both engineers after all
  • Stay somewhere nice. Not Holiday Inn, not The Savoy. Somewhere a bit special but not bank breaking
  • Eat in all the places we’ve promised ourselves over the past few years

So Bandon-Fans, I need your brains. We have no clue where to stay but we want it to be central so we can do lots by foot rather than tube. All recommendations for “boutique” hotels appreciated.

Food plan was originally to go for The Fat Duck in Bray. Some day we are doing that or El Bulli. But not this time. Our idea right now is:

  • Gordon Ramsey in Claridge’s. Lighter than main Ramsey restaurant
  • Nobu. Cos I adore Japanese food. Worked for Toshiba for too long
  • Locanda Locatelli. Cos Tony & Giorgio is still one of my favourite food programmes ever

We would love other restaurant recommendations. Happy to do high end cos it’ll be another ten years before we do it again. Hit us with your best material.

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