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Finally, together at last, Vibram Five Fingers and Sugru

My two favourite products working together to make me run like the wind (*cough*).

When I switched from running in Bikilas to these TrekSports, I started getting a sore spot just behind the ball of my left foot. It appears to be due to a seam on the VFFs rubbing me. Using a temporary pad worked during the week so now I’m hoping this Sugru fix will be permanent. I have to run 5 miles tonight so that should prove it one way or another.



  1. Cool! Keen to hear how it works for this – keep us posted!
    Another sugru user did this


  2. So far so good. No problems on first run. Doing much longer one tomorrow. I was worried it wouldn’t stick to the stretchy upper but I think it’s ok. Dublin City Marathon will be the real test in October :-)

  3. Cool! Wow congrats on doing the marathon! James’ brother and another friend are doing it too – is it more popular than ever this year or is it just me?

  4. From what I can gather, running has become extremely popular in past 2 years because it’s cheap and everyone is broke!

    I always said I didn’t have a Marathon in me but I think the Olympics have egged me and a lot of others on to try it.

    3 half marathons in the Vibrams were fine. 26 miles is a whole other kettle of fish.

  5. Quick update: I did 51km this week, including 19.5km today. The Sugru has worked perfectly. It is adhering well to the stretchy fabric and has got rid of the rubbing problem. Tempted to try it in one or two more spots on the Vibrams where I tend to blister on the roads.