Without Fibre, Bandon will suffer Timoleague's fate

Timoleague was formerly a place of some note, being much resorted to by the Spaniards, who imported large quantities of wine here and it is said there were formerly no less than fourteen taverns that sold sack in the town. Looking at the wide slob lands when the tide is out, or the shallow waters at full tide, it is hard to believe that here was once a busy Medieval port where foreign merchants from France and Spain bartered their wines and Mediterranean produce for Irish butter, hides and farm produce In Timoleague’s case, the harbour silted up through no fault of the town. In contrast, we can actually save Bandon from becoming  ”formerly a place of some note”.

Due to some catastrophic incompetence a few years back by the powers that be, when the two optical fibres were laid on the way to Clonakilty, no-one thought to spend a few quid running a spur to Bandon. So whilst Dunmanway has a MAN (for what?) and Clon has a fibre-enabled Technology Park, Bandon has residential-quality DSL, at best, for local businesses. In Old Chapel, we max out at 6Mbs down and sometimes 512kbs up.

Anyone setting up a business in the next few years will insist on decent internet connectivity. No FDI company will ever setup in Bandon without Fibre.

The Council is now about to spend millions ripping up the streets of Bandon to install a new drainage system. Why the hell isn’t Fibre being laid along all the new drains? It may not be able to connect to anything now, but in a few years time when budget is available again to run a spur here, Bandon could be the most advanced connected town in Ireland.

But of course, being Ireland, we won’t, and Bandon will slowly become Timoleague. A lovely place to visit and look at old ruins.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland http://conoroneill.com