10 Years a-bloggin'

Hard to believe. Little did I think, this day 10 years ago, that I’d still be blogging away like fury. I originally started with Blogspot as I wasn’t keeping my Geocities home page up to date. It was not an auspicious start:

And didn’t exactly take off like a rocket with only 3 posts in 2001!

2005 was the year I really got going when I moved from Blogspot to Wordpress. Luckily I managed to import everything in the move.

Looking across various blogs, it looks like I’ve written the following in ten years:

  • conoroneill.com: 765 posts
  • argolon.com: 341 posts
  • loudervoice.com: 199 posts
  • web2ireland.org: 288 posts
  • conoroneill.net: 345
  • plus a bunch more scattered amongst random shortlived blogs Let’s call it a nice round 2000 posts. I guess real writers would consider that a reasonable body of work.

Here’s hoping I keep it going for another 10 years!


Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland http://conoroneill.com