Hot Desking Office Space in Bantry

It has always struck me as ridiculous that the only place in all of West Cork where you can get a short-term Hot-Desk is in Macroom. We’re not that far from it but it’s still a horrible drive from Bandon.

We continue to struggle as a small Internet business with 6 Mbs ADSL (512kbs up). If we were slightly closer to the exchange we might get 12Mbs. Those responsible for allowing Fibre connectivity to bypass Bandon have ensured that there will never be a technology cluster in the town. It was a catastrophic oversight and will damage the town for years to come. No business requiring serious levels of bandwidth can set themselves up here.

But even with Fibre in Clon, there are no Hot-Desks in the Technology Park. If you go looking for small business offices in West Cork you either find something over  a shop or you can have an entire building.

So I was thrilled to see that Bantry now has Hot-Desking in Bantry Enterprise Centre, supported by WCEB. You can rent by the month and get:

  • Individual desk area – fully serviced and partitioned
  • Access to broadband
  • Direct dial telephone number
  • Access to canteen facilities and Meeting Room
  • Generous car parking
  • Linkages to support bodies for start-up assistance I really welcome this but there are a few small issues:

  • Pricing is “on application”. This should be public and on a web-site somewhere

  • No mention of what type of Broadband. It needs to be a lot more than ADSL

  • It’d be better if weekly options were available too (and even drop-in daily rates) Enquiries/Expressions of Interest should be forwarded to:

Cork County Council, Economic Development Section, Floor 14, County Hall, Cork. Tel: 021 4285560; Fax: 021 4343164 Email:

I’m going to contact them now about pricing/broadband and will update when I hear back. Obviously it is too far for me to go regularly but if it’s a success, maybe WCEB could look at some of the empty buildings with Fibre in Clon? I’d be down like a shot if they did.


Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland