Deep thinking on Energy Demand vs Supply

I’ve been talking quite a bit recently to Phoebe Bright who is based down in Drinagh. She wears many hats but is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about energy.

She writes some absolutely brilliant stuff in this area on her blog and I highly recommend you subscribe to it. She is no happy clappy, let’s wear hemp shirts and cycle 40 miles to work every day person. The blog talks about fundamental issues around energy supply and managing energy demand. It’s about how it directly affects you.

We were talking about this general topic on the way back from OpenCoffee BBQ recently and I expressed the opinion that the Green Party are letting themselves down very badly. They should be providing a grand vision backed by simple steps and milestones to help us get our energy usage under control. This requires thought leadership, practical assistance, changes in building regulations, direction to energy providers and a simple message that you will spend less, not more, if you apply some smarts to how you consume energy over the course of a day/week/year. Idiotic prattle about election posters really doesn’t cut it.

So get yourself on over to her blog and start having those conversations and asking those questions.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland