Creative Camp comes to Kilkenny

As someone who grew up in Kilkenny from the age of 6-18, I was very excited to see that Creative Camp is on this weekend. Not only that, but it’s on in the wonderful Kilkenny Castle where I spent many a day trying to find secret tunnels as a kid.

If you are wondering what it is all about, the idea is that the attendees are the presenters. It is in the BarCamp tradition of “unconferences” where the agenda for the day is very much made up on the day. You might think this is a recipe for disaster but the success of BarCamps in Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Belfast, Galway and PodCamp would suggest otherwise.

PodCamp was held a few months back in Kilkenny and was particularly interesting since it broke out of the “techie geeky” community and had many attendees and contributors from the world of media and the arts.

The aim of Creative Camp is to continue on in that vein and really get a broad cross-section of those in technology, arts, media and creativity to meet and exchange ideas and experiences.

If you are in the South East on Saturday, I highly recommend that you attend. It is completely free but it would be polite to register so they have some idea of numbers. The success of each *Camp is dependent on active participation by all who attend.

Some of the topics that have already been suggested for the day include:

  • Outsourcing your development workload to free your creative time
  • Branding an Arts organisation from the inside
  • GPS For Developers
  • Writing and promoting your book with social media
  • How To Blog Like A Boy
  • The Art Of Software Development
  • Creating a vibrant, connected Arts Community in the South East
  • How Friends Communicate
  • GPS Drawing
  • Building and working in a distributed startup
  • Creative Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Personalisation and the Social Web
  • Women and Technology - grabbing the blogosphere by the balls Why not wander down and see what it is all about?

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland