More on Cork Car Sharing

Mike Newham has updated us on Car Sharing in Cork: > We’re pushing out the introduction in Cork till July the 4th because of the massive VRT changes that occur on that date. We’ll start off with eight cars on the road - 3 Ford Focuses (Foci?), 4 Ford Fiestas and 1 Transit Connect for delivery’s and the like. > > All will be low emission diesels with extra safety options and lots of helpful gizmos like bluetooth and sat-nav. They’ll all be positioned in and around Cork City Centre. > > We’ve made a decision to postpone the new website till about mid-May when it will be fully operational to allow new members to join and book cars. > > By the way CarSharing for us is not ride-sharing or car-pooling, its basically the service by which you book a car for a number of hours, use it for those hours and get charged for those hours. I really hope the mainstream media really pick up on this.

Conor O'Neill

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