Worst growing season EVAH!

My “stick it in the ground and it’ll grow” school of gardening thought has failed miserably this year. The only things that have grown are non-essential herbs, apples, strawberries, sorrel and radishes. And I don’t even particularly like the latter two. Actually, I nearly forgot the one rhubarb plant which provided seven metric tonnes of sticks. Lots of yummy tarts for me (as the bishop….).

So I got thick the other day and ripped up almost everything. All the bleedin mint and oregano, all the sorrel, the stupid radishes, the weeds, the 3 rocket plants (from two packets!). I’ve laid them flat on the bed to rot down but it made me think, surely that is a net zero as far as nutrients are concerned?

So gardening gurus, top tips please. I think I should dump a ton of home made compost in, maybe chicken manure or bonemeal, cover the lot over with newspaper and try again next March. Thoughts?

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

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