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<div class="summary">This started well but has gone all to hell recently. 2 hours late last night and missing tons of stuff</div> 
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Both myself and Catherine have raved about Tesco home delivery in the past. For the first few weeks that we used it, they couldn’t put a foot wrong. Then about a month ago the rot started to set in. The man problem was that they were missing the delivery slots by over an hour in some cases.

Last night they hit rock bottom. When they got to over an hour late, Catherine rang to see what the hell was going on. Half an hour later the driver rang to say that the order had been cancelled by “someone” but he still had it and would deliver it. So for a 6pm-8pm slot, we got our stuff at 10pm. His litany of excuses were frankly ridiculous.

Then we saw the list of missing items. Who are they trying to kid? They obviously just gave up as they ran out of time. No Mince. Mince! FFS! Scallions? Nappies? Grapes? Come on,stop treating us like idiots.

Before I forget, the eggs were broken and the lettuce was under a carton of juice.

It looks to me like they have decided to take the RyanAir approach, have cut everything to the bone and are using too few staff for too big an area. Or worse, maybe it is just old school Ireland where shite is good enough.

It isn’t.

Oh and whilst it is possible to get through to phone support, both the online complaint form and the contact emails are broken.

UPDATE 1: Catherine rang Tesco and got through to Scotland who told her to ring Wilton. She finally got through to Home Shopping Manager who was courteous and deeply apologetic. She admitted last night was a total disaster and some orders had to be sent out by taxi. It does sound like they are trying to restructure things in there for the better. But the 1 star rating remains until things actualy improve.

Rated 1/5 on Jun 07 2007 by Conor O'Neill
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