Tweets on 2007-03-23

  • Hafta do a PPT for ShareIT tomorrow in UCC. If you haven’t signed up to attend, do! #
  • Hmm, the Planet Feedreader with some regexes may do the trick for my cunning plan and not require Yahoo Pipes. Fun for later #
  • @PaulMWatson - SIngle biggest gripe about Flickr is lack of “private URL” you can send to non-members to view family pics. Real drawback. #
  • @damienmulley - I shall sey zis only wance. #
  • Blummin Skype+Paypal - why do they want a new Credit Card from me? They already have one. Used Gizmo instead. $3.70 for 20 mins to UK mobile #
  • @PaulMWatson - I watched half an episode last weekend and despite my best efforts enjoyed every second. #
  • Phew presentation for ShareIT done. Supposed to be an hour, I’ll just have to talk reallllly sllllowly. Attendee profile will be interesting #
  • It’s 4.45, it’s friday, it must be curry time. Damn, used up all my tikka paste, need to make some more. #

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Conor O'Neill

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Bandon, Cork, Ireland