Tweets on 2007-03-22

  • Oisín aged 5. “We should keep having more kids until we have enough to buy a limo”. A limo to school would be awesome I must admit. #
  • Holy Crap - firebomb attack on cop station in Bandon! Previous most exciting event there was when Fionn puked in the waiting area. 1 injured #
  • Anyone ever get Palm Tungsten T working with Nokia N70 via bluetooth to get 3G data connectivity? Non stop probs. 6230 worked fine. #
  • Mark Pilgrim moving to Google! Now that half the world’s Python gurus work there, any chance of Python Blogger libraries lads? #
  • @damienmulley name and shame the non-paying awards sponsor. Does that leave you out of pocket? I’m sure Irish bloggers will help out. #
  • @eirepreneur As the message gets out around the greater Limerick area of the value of Open Coffee, the numbers will definitely swell #
  • Sittin’ Pretty by The Datsuns - 3 minutes of pseudo-Heavy Metal perfection. Ooh ooh, anyone done a to twitter mashup? #
  • “You idiots! These are not them! You’ve captured their stunt doubles!” Love it when your kids enjoy the same stupid movies as you. #
  • Hurrah, Vista laptop being replaced so it looks like it was a hardware problem. Will be a mobile warrior again soon. #
  • Via tommorris. New browser for Palm Works on TT! But still have N70 data problem :-( #
  • Dell Latitude D420. Tiny 12.1” job but core duo so quite fast. First Dell laptop that has really impressed me. Will dual boot Ubuntu soon! #
  • Not much work happening tonight as I have Studio 60 and Heroes. Looooove the Japanese guys in Heroes. Doctoro Spocko. #
  • @elana - getting Studio 60 and Heroes on Channel 6. And I said I’d never watch a TV3 clone. Actually have lots of good US stuff. #
  • OK, done for the night. latest code deployed. Should start seeing LouderVoice reviews peeking out from the odd blog here and there. #

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