CBBC, CBeebies and UTV on Sky Digital

I don’t know why it is so hard to find this info so I thought I’d post it here to solve that problem.

A lot of Sky customers don’t know that there are many other free channels accessible on the various Astra satellites (like the good old analogue days) which you can programme into your Sky Digibox. From talking to other parents, by far the most popular of these has to be CBBC and CBeebies. In fact, Channel 4 is now the only remaining mainstream station that you cannot get on Sky in Ireland.

In order to get the two kiddies stations, do the following:

  • On your Sky remote, go to Services->System Setup->Add Channels
  • In the Frequency box, enter 10773
  • In the Polarisation box, select H
  • In the Symbol Rate box, select 22
  • In the FEC box, select 56
  • Select “Find Channels”
  • It will return a list of BBC Channels including CBBC and CBeebies
  • Scroll down to each one of interest and press the yellow button to select them
  • When you are done press the “Select” button
  • Those channels are now available in Services->Other Channels Unfortunately you cannot record those stations if you have a Sky+ box. There are more regional BBC stations available at “Freq=10802” (with all other settings the same as above).

UTV can be found on: Freq=10906, Pol=V, Symb=22, FEC=56

Lyngsat, the best satellite info web-site has tons of others.

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UPDATE 05/11/2010: They have moved CBeebies. You just have to replace the frequency above with 10803 instead of 10773 to get it.

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