I only want more

We took a day trip to Killarney for some ice-cream yesterday. The drive down is always longer than the distance would indicate. Is there any hope the Cork to Killarney road will ever move from being of third-world quality from Ovens to Ballyvourney?

It took a bit of circling but we found the fabulous playground mentioned by Kieran and all had a fantastic time. That climbing web is awesome and the zip-line was very tempting. Even babba Fionn had a blast.

A wee bit more circling and we found Murphy’s Ice Cream. I think it is the first time in years that all of the family were silent. “Can’t talk, eating”. Oisín was hugely impressed by the mad music being played and bopped while eating his scoop. Fionn nicked mouthfuls from whoever was offering.

Caramel Sundaes are the work of the devil and having them with the best lattes we’ve tasted this year made it totally sacreligious. When asked what he thought, Oscar replied “I only want more”.

The power of viral marketing was confirmed when they all came back from the loo and Osc announced that when we got home, he was going on the internet to check out www.icecreamireland.com. Seriously.

Is it pricey? It sure is. Is it worth it? Even penny plus the tip.

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