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Great Local Restaurant doing lovely food

Jul 23, 2006 by Conor O’Neill

Western Road
Clonakilty Co Cork,
> ★★★★☆ The plan last night was to grab a quick bite to eat in Clon and then go to “The wind that shakes the barley”. OK, the original plan was to go to Eddie Rockets and “The Break-Up” in Mahon. In the end we just ate in Clon and went home. But what a fine meal it was. My parents threw caution to the wind with their mental health and offered to mind the children of the corn whilst we headed out with big sis Fiona for a semi-birthday meal for her. > > I’ve passed Macehiters many times over the past three years and always liked the look of it and wanted to try out their charcoal grilled steaks. Now that I’ve eaten there, I still don’t know how to pronounce it. Mack-e-hiters? Masiters? Mace Hitters? But this is coming from someone who has been pronouncing the village of Leap as it is written rather than “Lep”. > > Back to the restaurant. It is a small place with not many tables and the menu is up on a giant blackboard on the wall. It has the comfy, well worn look of a place that has been happily serving food for a long time. No bookings are possible and if they are full they send you across the road to the pub and then get you when the table is ready. > > We skipped starters as we still thought we were going to the cinema but they looked lovely. Mains were just a good selection of standard fare with a special charcoal grill section. Nice set of three fish of the day too. I had to have the sirloin, Catherine had the black sole and Fiona had the mackerel. All were simply grilled or fried and came with salad and baked spud or garlic spuds. All were absolutely top class. Wonderfully cooked steak, lovely salad dressing on decent leaves and perfect spuddies. I had originally thought the prices were a bit high but you get a large amount for your money. > > We just had a bottle of the house red Cabernet which was nice and light and we went for three baked alaskas for dessert which were really fab. > > Service was lovely and friendly, coffee was spot on, they are cool with kids too. We’ll be back. Highly recommended.

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