Margherita Madness

Inspired by Red Mum’s recent pizza making post, the awesome DiFara Pizza story and my experiences in The Good Things Cafe recently, I decided to make some pizza-pies with the two middle childer yesterday. We made one each. Classic Margherita with simple garlic/oregano/basil/passata sauce and buffalo mozzarella.

Sibéal, aged 2:

Oisín, aged 4:

Conor, aged 38:

Which was the nicest? Yup, the 2 year old’s. After the horror of watching them “knead” the dough and drop it on the floor several times, the two little gits ended up with far superior results because [a] they were not swimming in sauce and [b] the were wafer thin cos I only gave them a small bit of dough each. Mine was more like a soup on a bap. All tasted fantastic tho.

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