We're up to 1986, Speccy Fans

Nick Humphries has done it again.The 1986 edition of “The Your Sinclair Rock n Roll Years TV Show” was released for download recently. All nostalgic ZX Spectrum fans should grab it and watch 8 minutes of great memories. Non-Speccy fans can listen to the music and Apprentice fans can laugh at how young Alan Sugar looks in it.

1986 was simultaneously the peak of my Spectrum involvement and also my last year. It’s all been downhill technically since then. Will I ever need to re-flex my Forth muscles and will I ever finish my Irish-themed Jet Set Willy clone which if memory serves, had “humorous” references to Big Ed Loves Mona? I got to over 20K of Z80 assembler, all on paper and never a line tested. Agile schmagile.

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