Albania to Win!

Any country brave enough to have a hobbit and a garden gnome as their backing singers deserves to win.

To be fair to Daniel O’Donnell Brian Kennedy, he did allow his grandad to be one of his backing singers. His song “Bacardi and Coke please Mafanwy” really pulled at the heartstrings like a bad case of angina.

The best aspect of his performance was that he decided to keep his thighs covered, a decision I wish many of the other performers had also made.

Now Eurovision, later Big Brother. Would they not think of merging the two programmes and put all the bands into a small sealed house with some guns and knives. Last (wo)man standing and still singing is the winner. I can only dream.

UPDATE 1: I take it all back, Finland to win! The Albanian hobbits must surely be hiding from the “never smalltalk a Finn” Orcs. Next year they’ll all be dressed like that.

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