Spoofer of the year award

Just spotted this over at Alex Barnett’s blog. His Dad sent him a link to some video footage. I have tears rolling down my face.

See link below for a glorious, hilarious mess-up by the BBC. A producer rushed to the reception area and mistakenly took a mini-cab driver to be a interviewed live on BBC 24 news as an “expert” on the internet about the Apple case. There is a video link - see the hilarious expression at the beginning on the cabbies face when he realizes it was a case of mistaken ID - he then bluffs his way brilliantly through the interview.

I’d love to have this guys ability to think on his feet. What’s even better is that it was supposed to be Guy Kewney, one of the most famous computer journalists in the UK. He’s a tall white guy with a beard!

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