Sometimes the customer is an idiot

Our 9 year old tv has gone on the blink. It was a great 32” Philips Matchline job whose only drawback was that it wasn’t widescreen. We started on the hunt for a replacement on Saturday. Tried Soundstore, Harvey Norman, Xtravision, O’Dwyer’s and a few online places.

Result? It is nearly impossible to get a high-end 32” CRT TV any more. Philips, JVC, Panasonic and Sony have a tiny selection of wide-screen boxes with less functionality than four years ago.

The buying public have decided that they would prefer to pay triple the money for an LCD thing with a narrow viewing angle, awful reflections, crap black and rubbish brightness. Why do I feel like the record fanatics in the 1980s who tried to hold back the CD tide? I guess I am not part of the iPod generation which values form over function; “who cares what it does or how much it costs, it’s sooooo cute”.

Bah. I also have to make the horrible admission that I am seriously considering a Samsung TV. Has the world gone mad? Next thing I’ll find myself buying a Daewoo Chevrolet car. Neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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