Old Chapel Drag Race - w00t !!

Bloody Brilliant, and we only watched the practice runs.

We positioned ourselves at the finish line on the advice of a steward (“they’ll reach max speed there”). It took a while to get going but the organisation of the event was really professional. Fionn (aged 9 months) screamed every time a bike also screamed across the line. Oisín hid in a buggy, Shibs was unimpressed and Oscar went quiet.

Most of the family left after a few minutes due to the noise, leaving Oscar and myself to enjoy the smell of burning rubber.

I think we have a new annual family event on our calendar. Stunning. I don’t think I’ve ever stood a few yards from a guy doing a wheelie at approx 100mph. Anyone know what speed they were doing across the finish line?

Shutter lag on the camera was terrible so the pictures below are rubbish. I also took some video with the Ixus. Equally bad but gives some sense of the speed.

This bike belonged to a spectator not a racer. 1300cc! Bigger than the average Micra.

Motorbike at Ash Tree pub

More motorcycle Pr0n.

Motorbike at Ash Tree pub

Yeah baby! IMG_2355

The race track. “The Fast andThe Furious” has nothing on Old Chapel.


Big gap due to different spec bikes practicing together.


Someone left their bike out in the rain for too long.

IMG_2346 [

Crappy Video 1 over at YouTube](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgfJiN3R9FQ)

Crappy Video 2 over at YouTube

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