Google Adsense - $4 in 5 months. Finally I can buy that Audi RS6

For fun, I set up Google AdSense last year. It is behind those ads you see in the sidebar of the blog. I didn’t expect to make much money and never thought I’d be able to live off the Ad revenue.

I just checked my total income and it is now at $4.02! Woo hoo. It seems to me that there is a very good reason for it - the ads are complete shite.

At least 80% of the blog is about food but it almost never includes food ads. I never ever mention dating but there is always some poxy ad for a dating agency. I once mentioned a Ford Mustang and for weeks had ads for US car dealers. The day they do ads for hair transplants, I’m taking them off the site.

Having said all of that, I added an Amazon ad recently for comparison and only selected food as a category. Income to date? £0.00!

Oh well, I’ll just stick to the day job then.

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