Looks like Saturday was a success

After all my encouragement to go to Saturday’s Bandon Farmer’s Market I ended up missing it myself. I got up a bit late and had to get ready for our weekend in Rosslare. I ended up squeezed for time and didn’t want to be shopping hassled. So, I headed off with the four angels and left Catherine to plant the garden and paint the loo. Result? Garden good, loo baaaaaadddddd. We’re not quite in marriage counselling but that red has to go.

Back to the topic at hand; Catherine popped down to the market between 1.30 and 2.00 to see what treats were remaining to be had. Some of the stalls were nearly sold out and all the others seemed to have been doing great business! I am really thrilled for all the vendors that the interest has held up. Any vendors reading this who want to report on numbers? Looks like arriving early is the best way to get what you want. Catherine then popped down to Clon for some awful wall paint and popped into Lettercollum. They were sold out of their fab quiches and pies too. Bummer for Cath but another sign that quality sells.

Happily for her, I returned today with all children alive and in possession of their limbs and bearing gifts of Eves Pud and Lemon Cake from my awesome mother. Let me tell ya, eating and typing at the same time is tough.

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