Drivers in West Cork - This is how a roundabout works:

I hope the National Safety Council don’t mind me infringing their copyright but if publishing these pictures can save just one life then it’ll be worth it. Those lives will be saved by me not killing with my bare hands the next moron who can’t correctly negotiate the “new” mini-roundabout in Bandon.



Just because you’ve driven through that junction the same way for the past 60 years like Col. Michael Collins did before you and Gen. Tom Barry did before him, does not mean you can sail through the roundabout in your 4x4 at 60 MPH without pausing anymore.

Equally, just because the idiots in Cork County Council gave no warning of the change (or the previous junction change), it does not mean you have to have a nervous breakdown everytime you approach the new mini-roundabout and give way to everything including all cats and herons.

I admit the roundabout is a bit of a joke. Many people sail through it because they don’t notice it. They should have gone with the Birr approach and used cats eyes to mark it out. The thudda thudda should catch the notice of all but the most asleep.

But then these are the same road design experts who did the road markings for the Bandon Road R’Bout and Sarsfield Rd R’Bout. In other words, these are people who have clearly never driven a motor car. They also can have never watched anyone attempt to negotiate these roundabouts which involve three lane changes to turn right. And these are the same people who put the “conduire a droite” sign on the airport road.

Next week - my top tips for you staying on your side of the goddammed road. [tags]Roundabouts, Sarsfield Road, Bandon Road[/tags]

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