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About a month ago a guy named Eoin Feeley posted a comment on my July post about 07/07. He asked me to highlight two blogs concerned with a new movie about the genocide in Rwanda called  “Shooting Dogs” starring John Hurt.

I was a bit suprised that he referred to my blog as political because apart from the odd dig at Islamo-fascists and their apologists, I mainly talk about food!

Start Rant:

But I have always been deeply angry about what happened in Rwanda and how the world just stood back and let it happen, just like they are doing all over again in Darfur. Rwanda was the nadir of the Clinton adminstration and should surely have precluded Kofi Annan from ever becoming Secretary General of the UN. The same people who call George Bush and Ariel Sharon mass murderers seem to have no problem idolising those two cowards with their hands soaked in the blood of Africans.

End Rant.

In any case, apologies to Eoin for not posting this sooner. If you want to find out more about the movie (given that I know nothing about it!) head on over to the Official Blog and  The Rwandan Survivors Blog.

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