Interesting Culinary Vacation Tours of Southwest Ireland

I’ve mentioned Podchef Neal who is based on an island off Washington State on this blog several times and he posts quite a few comments here too which are always appreciated. I noticed the other day that he is proposing to organise culinary tours of Cork and the surrounding regions this summer. A large number of my readers are foodies so I’m guessing this could be of serious interest to some of you.

I don’t know Neal personally but I am a regular listener to his Gastrocast podcast which really shows how passionate and informed he is about food, cooking and everything related. If such a vacation is something you might be interested in doing, why not check out his web-site, listen to a podcast and drop him a line to find out more?

When I originally read his post about the tours, I assumed the focus would be on American foodies but if you can make your way to Ireland at the right time from anywhere in the world then I assume you could sign up with him? I suppose Jackeens or even Nordies down for July could do it too? [tags]Podchef, Gastrocast, Culinary Tours[/tags]

Conor O'Neill

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