The best comedy on British TV?

“The IT Crowd”? Not a hope. “Shameless”? Better. But the hands down winner has got to be “The Apprentice”. Thank god for Sky+ so I could keep pausing to catch my breath after collapsing in gales of laughter.

Last week I called them a bag of spanners. This week it was “The Spannerettes”. A gaggle of gormless girls and only the crazy one was talking any sense. I was getting seriously worried as I found myself agreeing with everything Jo said. She clearly had taken her daily slammer of Ritalin and Lithium but had maybe forgotten the Prozac chaser. I’m convinced they are going to keep her in until the second last episode.

A calendar for Great Ormonde St Childrens hospital and they decide to do a chic modernist one with kittens, unreadable dates and only one mention of the charity. Next week they’ll be revealing their plan to sell Lego using challenging cartoons in Pakistan.

I think it was the first time I have seen a presentation to a customer where the presenter shusshed the customer when they tried to ask a question.

“Did you know that there are six million cat owners in the UK”? Did you know that when the first customer blanks you after such an opening, you don’t use exactly the same line on the next two?

The blokes won but only by default. Syed’s “mind games” so far consists of him telling everyone they are crap. Obviously he learned his tricks from the the Ladybird edition of “My First Mindgames with Peter and Jane”.

Many of the lads seem to think that the route to success involves being a testosterone charged loud-mouth braggart. The dimwits haven’t noticed that Amstrad already have one of those and he isn’t going to be hiring a clone.

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