Hulk Hogan vs Philip Yaksplitter Johnston in Warhammer Smackdown

Get ready Grapple Fans for the bout of the century. Exclusive Sky Sports coverage of the Warhammer 40k Premier Competition & Invitational Only, Grand Tournament.

In the Green corner, Philip Johnston, fresh from battle success as far apart as Dublin, Cork and Birmingham. This week, Nottingham is bracing itself for the onslaught of 149 of Europe’s other top gaming nerd-meisters.

You’ve seen Superbowl, you’ve seen WWF, now get ready for Total Global Annihilation with the Dice of Doom!

In all seriousness, Philip the bruv-in-law is one of the best Warhammer players in Ireland and the UK. He started playing as a young pup and has had to put up with his family calling it “playing with your little men” for far too long. I think it’s about time he started referring to golf as “playing with your little balls”.

I’m not sure if he is spoofing the Sky Sports bit (they show stranger things on Extreme Sports) but there is a webcam shot here:


And I hope he is serious about Hulk Hogan really doing some of the commentating.

You go kick some Ork butt Philly!

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