Murphy's Awesome Ice-Cream now blogging

Kieran from Murphy’s Ice Cream in Dingle posted a comment to this blog last week and let me know that they now have a blog of their own. I’ll probably have to give Catherine a sedative when I tell her that they have a chocolate sauce recipe on it already.

Murphy’s Coffee/Ice-Cream shop was the highlight of our walkabout in Killarney last Autumn. Fab coffee and stunning ice-cream. I just went with a simple double scoop of something fruity and Catherine went for one of their more complex creations. She nearly did a Meg Ryan on it as she worked her way through it. I think it may almost be a case of Comic Book Man from the Simpsons “Best Ice Cream….Ever”. Thinking way back, I’ve a feeling we had some scoops in their Dingle shop maybe 10 years ago? Were they open then? The fact that it still sticks in my mind tells you something about their ice-cream.

I’m thrilled that they are blogging because I am not just married to an ice-cream fanatic but I also recently bought her an ice-cream maker and I think she’ll have the motor burnt out in a month. I just got the cheapy (£25) Kenwood IM-250 from Amazon (I’m sure you can get it in many department stores in Ireland). I didn’t want to spend too much in case it turned out to be too much hassle to use one. But it turns out to be very straightforward. So far we have had a few fruity frozen yoghurts and a proper custard based chocolate one. I think Catherine may have found her niche. Christmas may involve the purchase of one of the huge self-cooling machines.

Interestingly, I think that owning an ice-cream maker will cause us to buy more ice-cream rather than less as we try out flavours and compare textures. I highly recommend that you read Kieran’s blog, post lots of comments, tell him all your ice-cream fantasies and most important of all - seek out their ice-cream!

I’m really looking forward to reading more of his thoughts and to buying more of their fantastic produce in Urru in Bandon.

UPDATE 1: I’ve obviously lost a lot of brain cells over the years, Murphy’s only opened in 2000 so I must have been somewhere else in Dingle back in the 90’s.

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