The Hackney Hardman is back

It’s been a long wait but the man who put the AMS is Amstrad is back on our screens, hurrah! And what a bag of spanners he has collected for this series;

How about the bipolar woman who cried during the first firing cos Sir Alan was mean to the girls? Quite possibly the most annoying woman on British TV after one short episode, so I assume he’ll keep her.

Or Syed who told us that he has a “gameplan” and wants to play mind games but so far seems to have all the cunning of the most cunning plan in cunningland by Baldrick. He is another keeper like Paul last year. No hope of winning but should be good for a weekly laugh.

Or poor Ben who had all the charisma of a corpse and got fired last night after his ass whooping by the women.

I cannot wait for the next 11 epsiodes. TV gold I tell ya.

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