First Flock Fiddling

Having a look at the Flock browser to see if it is much cop. So far not bowled away at all. This is a test post from its blogging feature. The whole integration thing just isn’t as slick as I was expecting.

More importantly, I have setup the “Subscribe-to-Comments” plug-in. So now if you add a comment, you can get notified by e-mail if someone else replies. It saves you having to constantly re-check. This is the only one of three plug-ins I tested last night which actually worked. That Wordpress-Feedburner one in particular just did not want to play ball.

I’m also testing the “Connections Reloaded” theme which is a big revamp of the one I’m using here (Connections). Looks better, has more features and is a lot better under the hood so I may try switching over tonight.

All for now. Gonna be a looooong day.

UPDATE: I don’t like all the HTML crud it inserts all over my bog standard text. I don’t hink I’ll be using it to blog from now on.

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