Scoozi's - Good for a Friday night bash

Maria, our summer student, finished up on Friday. We bounced around a few ideas for nosh and settled on something we figured everyone would like - Scoozi’s on Winthrop Ave just near the GPO in Cork.

Great buzz in the place on arrival and no delay getting seated (well it was 5.30 on a Friday). A bit disappointed that there was no beer on the menu - I had imagined big jugs of the stuff in the middle of the table.  A few bottles of Chianti did the trick and the hard-liquor-drinkers just had to wait for the pub. Most people has the bruschetta for starters. I have read one review of the place and the comment on the bruschetta was that it is not what you expect but it is tasty. I have to second that. I’m a sun-blush tomato addict and they were covered in em. Having said that,  it was really just door-stopper toast with melted cheese!

I had a pizza whose name evades me (Ciprioconi, Ciccatori, I dunno) - anyway, olives, cheese, pepperoni and anchvoies. Not bad at all but I did think the base was bought in rather than cooked on the premises. And I was stuffed after it.

The others had a variety of pizzas, pasta and burgers. The pasta looked only ok but the burgers looked fantastic - particularly the buns used. I couldn’t fit dessert and had a top-notch double espresso. The others loved what they got  - and again huge portions.

The best part of the night? Meal for 6 with 2 bottles of wine - €168. That is just great value for what we received. Service was top notch and the tip reflected that.

So if you want something that is fast, tasty and great value then check them out.

p.s. pints afterwards in The Long Valley. A Cork institution I’m told. Loved it, my kind of pub - old, not jammed, music not blaring, good pints, interesting loos. Definitely going back.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland